The Beverley Podcast

#13 Carrie Mertens - local education marketer and project manager for Safi Coffee

July 5, 2020

Carrie Mertens was born in the old Beverley Westwood hospital and via East Yorkshire and a stint in Leeds, she now lives as central in Beverley as can be. She trained as a beauty therapist but life took her on a different journey and she now spends her days as a support team member at the independent Hull Collegiate School. 

One of the projects she's tasked with looking after is Safi Coffee, a pupil-led project which imports coffee beans from Uganda and sells them throughout the UK, the profits being ploughed back into a Ugandan school and community. Just £180 a year pays for a child to attend school in Uganda and the project has enabled many Ugandan children to receive a good education. With other schools in the UK now coming on board, what does the future hold for the project and for Carrie's involvement? 

It's fantastic to see a project which has student involvement at its core. If you want to buy some Safi Coffee for yourself, you can visit their website at or pop into the Beverley Minster gift shop, or the Creative Lab on Flemingate. 

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