The Beverley Podcast

#21 Clare De Luca, Dancestars and Bluestar Boutique

November 14, 2020

Clare De Luca, a graduate of Beverley High School has travelled the world as a professional dancer, including a stint in Paris as one of the famous Bluebell Girls. 

Her love of dance has been passed to her children and she has run Dancestars in the East Riding for several years. With the pandemic temporarily closing her popular tots dance school, Clare has realised another dream - to have an online fashion boutique, and she's now running the two together.

On this episode of the Beverley Podcast, we talk about the challenges of lockdown, how toddlers can be pretty good at adapting to life, and whether we will ever get to call winter 'sparkly dress season' again. 

Check out Dancestars at and Bluestar Boutique at 

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