The Beverley Podcast

#30 - Ben Shires, CBBC and BBC Bitesize

May 30, 2021

Ben Shires came to Beverley as a toddler and left for university and the bright lights of London to pursue a career in law. But it wasn't to be his destiny and he made the switch to TV and media and you may be familiar with Ben today as a presenter on CBBC's Officially Amazing or Match of the Day: Kickabout.

As a graduate of local schools St Mary's and Longcroft, he has had an enviable life travelling the world, setting world records, and being gunked. Through lockdown, he's been keeping himself busy withBBC Bitsize and a new hobby - metal detecting. 

What does Ben love about metal detecting, how does it work, and has he found anything which is officially amazing? If you've got a field that might interest Ben and his detecting equipment, get in touch! 

If you're interested in metal detecting or you know Ben from his shows on CBBC, then this is worth a listen. Don't forget to subscribe, and get in touch if you'd like to be our next guest. 

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