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#15 Sally-Ann Rena of the Tiki Cafe, Dunswell

#15 Sally-Ann Rena of the Tiki Cafe, Dunswell

July 18, 2020

Sally-Ann Rena is Beverley born and bred and after a stint for university and working away, she returned 14 years ago to Beverley to run Armstrongs Social Club with her husband Toffee. Now with two children, they are all embarking on a new adventure - running the Tiki Cafe in the Ings Lane Garden Centre in Dunswell. 

Sally-Ann loves Beverley and loves that it's being made home for her family. So where does she like to go, and what else has she got on the go?

If you know Sally-Ann and Toffee from being the hosts for your family's parties, then you really should listen to this one - and pay them a visit at the new venture, even if it's just to sample the delicious gelato. 

Learn more about the cafe at and Sally-Ann's children's books for sale at 

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#14 - Lesley Anne Kinney, specialist painter and decorator

#14 - Lesley Anne Kinney, specialist painter and decorator

July 12, 2020

Lesley Anne Kinney didn't intend to be a specialist painter and decorator but here she is. 30 years after discovering a talent and making a career out of it, she finds herself in Beverley. 

a busy mother and grandma, the lockdown has given Lesley the time and mental space to develop her business and create something she can take with her as she looks to a new phase in her life. 

We talk about Lesley's career to date, what sort of work she undertakes now, and where her favourite places are in Beverley. 

You can learn more about Lesley and her work at and follow her on Facebook at 

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#13 Carrie Mertens - local education marketer and project manager for Safi Coffee

#13 Carrie Mertens - local education marketer and project manager for Safi Coffee

July 5, 2020

Carrie Mertens was born in the old Beverley Westwood hospital and via East Yorkshire and a stint in Leeds, she now lives as central in Beverley as can be. She trained as a beauty therapist but life took her on a different journey and she now spends her days as a support team member at the independent Hull Collegiate School. 

One of the projects she's tasked with looking after is Safi Coffee, a pupil-led project which imports coffee beans from Uganda and sells them throughout the UK, the profits being ploughed back into a Ugandan school and community. Just £180 a year pays for a child to attend school in Uganda and the project has enabled many Ugandan children to receive a good education. With other schools in the UK now coming on board, what does the future hold for the project and for Carrie's involvement? 

It's fantastic to see a project which has student involvement at its core. If you want to buy some Safi Coffee for yourself, you can visit their website at or pop into the Beverley Minster gift shop, or the Creative Lab on Flemingate. 

#12 Kirsty Skeates of Fit4Dogs Canine Hydrotherapy

#12 Kirsty Skeates of Fit4Dogs Canine Hydrotherapy

June 28, 2020

Kirsty Skeates is originally from New Zealand and co-owns Fit4Dogs Canine Hydrotherapy Centre on Annie Reed Road with her Yorkshire born husband Mike. 

Kirsty spends her days as a canine hydrotherapist helping dogs through hydrotherapy to alleviate conditions such as canine arthritis or to lose weight. What is it about Beverley that makes it a good place to have a specialist dog business, and which other dog businesses does she work with?

We talk to Kirsty about why she loves Beverley and about her award-winning hydrotherapy business. But what does the future have in store for Kirsty and Mike and their team? 

Visit her website for more information - 

#11 Brad Gibson, Professor of Astrophysics

#11 Brad Gibson, Professor of Astrophysics

June 20, 2020

Brad Gibson is a professor of Astrophysics at the University of Hull. Originally from Canada, he now spends his days teaching astrophysics and engaging with local communities to encourage local students to get interested in STEM subjects and careers. 

He loves Beverley and is laying down roots fast. Will we ever get rid of him? Would we ever want to? Is there really life out there as we know it? These are all questions answered on this episode of The Beverley Podcast.

Check out one of Brad's TED Talks at and a chat on Cuppa Science at 

If you'd like Brad to talk to your children or students, email him 

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#10 Phil Simpson of the Beverley Fringe Festival

#10 Phil Simpson of the Beverley Fringe Festival

June 16, 2020

Phil Simpson, a semi-professional musician, came to East Yorkshire as a student and has stayed ever since. He's been in Beverley for the last four years or so and is one of the team behind the Beverley Fringe Festival. 

The Fringe Festival has always been run in tandem with the Beverley Folk Festival but when that disappeared, the fringe upped activity and has grown. Usually run on this weekend in June and involving people and venues all over the town, the festival has, for 2020, gone online. Visit their Facebook page at to join in with activity on June 20th from 9.30am until 11pm. 

We talk about Phil's love of living in Beverley and which cafe he thinks is the best in the whole town. 

We also get a performance of Walking on a Mission by Phil and his wife Jessica Lawson, a song which was written by Phil. 

#9 Neil Theobald of Miller Graphics

#9 Neil Theobald of Miller Graphics

June 13, 2020

Neil Theobald is not from far away and he came to Beverley twenty years ago where he's been raising his family ever since. He met his wife working in Beverley and now is a Senior Production Artist at the UK branch of Miller Graphics who have very recently made the move into Beverley from years of being based in Carnaby. 

How did Neil get into graphic artistry? Does he like living in Beverley? And will he ever get his Blue Peter badge? 

We talk about grassroots football and what the future has in store for him professionally and personally. 

We also have a poem about the coronavirus and lockdown from local lady Julie Bury, a nurse who has recently taken up poetry. 

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#8 Anna Ingleby, founder of The Beverley Puppet Festival

#8 Anna Ingleby, founder of The Beverley Puppet Festival

June 7, 2020

Beverley born Anna Ingleby has been a puppeter for a long time, and a few years ago decided to start a puppet festival right here in Beverley. It was a success and has continued to grow into a two-yearly event which attracts puppeteers from around the UK and beyond.

With the coronavirus crisis, the 2020 festival is looking very different and Anna is here to ask you to get involved and help secure the future of this local festival popular with children and adults alike. 

For more information about the Beverley Puppet Festival, visit

For more about Anna's theatre company Indigo Moon Theatre, visit 

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#7 Karen Simpkin - keeper of Beverley’s famous Garden Family

#7 Karen Simpkin - keeper of Beverley’s famous Garden Family

June 4, 2020

Karen Simpkin has lived in Beverley since she was a teenager, married a local man, and has been living a normal life. Until lockdown. Now she and her husband Neil are internet and news famous. Their project of creating scenes with home-made mannequins in their front garden to give them something to share with the grandchildren has taken on a life of its own, and now they are raising money for NHS charities and the local food bank.

Karen talks to us about how it all started, how they managed to create a different scene every day for more than 50 days in a row, and how they've been honoured to be able to do something to raise spirits in Beverley. 

You can donate to NHS Charities Together at and look out for news of their 2021 Garden Family calendar.

#6 We talk to Claire Raper, founder of Bundles of Joy

#6 We talk to Claire Raper, founder of Bundles of Joy

June 1, 2020

Claire Raper came to Beverley as a single parent after a relationship breakdown and loves living here. Now a family with Mark and three children, Claire spends her days supporting families in crisis by co-ordinating and distributing items to help them get back on their feet. She has a team of volunteers and has won a major regional award for their work. 

Bundles of Joy are as busy as ever - poverty, domestic abuse, and need for support all seem to have risen during the coronavirus pandemic. What has the future in store for Claire, her family, and for Bundles of Joy?

If you haven't heard of them, where have you been? You can learn more at 

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