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#32 - Clare Greaves, Mental Health Mates Beverley

#32 - Clare Greaves, Mental Health Mates Beverley

August 1, 2021

Clare Greaves came to Beverley eight years ago. She has experienced mental health problems such as anxiety herself and wanted to help others in similar positions. 

Clare now runs the Beverley group of national scheme Mental Health Mates, where she organises walks for anyone who wants to join in, discuss mental health, and get some fresh air and exercise in the process. 

We talk to Clare about her passion for mental wellness, what she does, and where her favourite place is in Beverley.

Don't forget - it's ok not be ok. If you need to talk to someone, please do.

There is more information about Mental Health Mates at or check out the MHM Beverley Facebook group at 

#31 Alan Robinson, local AirBnB owner and Peaky Blinder fan

#31 Alan Robinson, local AirBnB owner and Peaky Blinder fan

June 20, 2021

Alan Robinson has lived in Beverley for all of his life. He's a builder by trade and has recently invested in holiday homes in Beverley. He's had an interesting life and he no doubt has lots of stories, but today we are talking about his more recent activities, such as his wedding to local girl Lindsay. 

Alan's wedding was one to remember, enlisting not only the help of his family and friends but attracting the attention of the town. Did you see Alan and his party on their way to his Peaky Blinder themed wedding?

We talk about how Alan became a builder, how his AirBnBs have fared through lockdown, and what he's got in store for the future 

#30 - Ben Shires, CBBC and BBC Bitesize

#30 - Ben Shires, CBBC and BBC Bitesize

May 30, 2021

Ben Shires came to Beverley as a toddler and left for university and the bright lights of London to pursue a career in law. But it wasn't to be his destiny and he made the switch to TV and media and you may be familiar with Ben today as a presenter on CBBC's Officially Amazing or Match of the Day: Kickabout.

As a graduate of local schools St Mary's and Longcroft, he has had an enviable life travelling the world, setting world records, and being gunked. Through lockdown, he's been keeping himself busy withBBC Bitsize and a new hobby - metal detecting. 

What does Ben love about metal detecting, how does it work, and has he found anything which is officially amazing? If you've got a field that might interest Ben and his detecting equipment, get in touch! 

If you're interested in metal detecting or you know Ben from his shows on CBBC, then this is worth a listen. Don't forget to subscribe, and get in touch if you'd like to be our next guest. 

#29 - TomWilders of East Riding Theatre

#29 - TomWilders of East Riding Theatre

May 23, 2021

2020 and 2021 have been devastating for those working in the entertainment industries, so this week Joanne is talking to Tom Wilders, Finance Director of Beverley's own East Riding Theatre to see how they are coping. 

We talk about what brought Tom to Beverley and how he ended up working in the theatre industry, and just what it is he loves about living in Beverley. We look back at his favourite production and learn about how local theatre fans can help ERT survive to be around for us in the years to come. 

You can learn more about ERT, upcoming events, and the 'sponsor a seat' campaign at 

More Beverley people coming up and if you want to be a guest, get in touch! 

#28 - Mark Kelly,Upstairs at Monks

#28 - Mark Kelly,Upstairs at Monks

May 16, 2021

Mark Kelly is from Staffordshire and came to Beverley a few years ago, bringing with him a love of live music. Some unplanned encounters and successes have led him to becoming a music promoter and, among other things, he runs the monthly Upstairs at Monks live music sessions at the Monks Walk pub on Highgate. 

We talk to Mark about how covid has impacted on his work in the music industry and when we can look forward to Upstairs at Monks returning to its regular slot on Beverley's calendar. 

But what does he love so much about the town and where is his favourite place to go?

Check out the Upstairs at Monks facebook group at to see what gigs are coming up 

Have you got tickets for any of Mark's live music events? We have! See you there  

#27 - Paul Coe of The Wombles of Beverley

#27 - Paul Coe of The Wombles of Beverley

May 9, 2021

Paul Coe is the chair of The Wombles of Beverley, an organised litter picking group that does an amazing job in helping to keep Beverley litter free. But why?

We speak to Paul about how he got became a womble, what drives him to give his spare time to tidy up after others, and what he thinks are the interesting things that everyday folk leave behind. We also get to find out a little about Paul and why he loves Beverley so much. 

We would like to thank Paul and his Wombling crew, and all the other volunteers of Beverley for making our town a wonderful place to live. 

Listen now, don't forget to subscribe, and get in touch if you'd like to be a guest (or know someone who would). 

You can find more about The Wombles of Beverley in their Facebook group at 

The Keep Britain Tidy campaign is running from the 28th May to the 13th June and all are welcome to join in. You can collect bags and Womble stickers and borrow any kit you need from the Refill Jar on Butcher Row, or from the Co-Op on Lincoln Way

#26 Revd Canon Jonathan Baker of Beverley Minster

#26 Revd Canon Jonathan Baker of Beverley Minster

May 2, 2021

Revd Canon Jonathan Baker joined the team at Beverley Minster in 2017. He didn't always want to be a vicar, in fact he studied law and worked as a solicitor in London before the calling to the church got too strong. 

Here, we discuss the work of Beverley Minster, how covid has posed challenges to both the communication and delivery of the church message and to the minster as a vital regional tourist attraction, and what drew him to Beverley. 

What does the future hold for the Minster and why is this week in particular special for Beverley?

Listen now and don't forget to subscribe!

You can learn more about the work of Beverley Minster at and you should spin back to episode 19 to find out more about the Sanctuary project. 

The Beverley Podcast - Christmas 2020

The Beverley Podcast - Christmas 2020

December 20, 2020

Well, here we are at Episode 25 and the end of 2020. What a year it's been! 

We will resume normal service in 2021, but for now, he's a catch up episode with a few of our guests so far, and a short but sweet chat with Pete, a charity advocate who lives in Woodmansey and also plays trombone for East Yorkshire group Late Night Marauders. Their new single, Someone Stole my Bike this Christmas plays us out.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a much, much easier 2021! 

See you next year. 

#24 Martin Peirson, local musician

#24 Martin Peirson, local musician

December 5, 2020

Martin Peirson is a musician from Beverley who lives in Cherry Burton. He ran The Processed Pea in Etton for many years, and now he is retired from his job as a music events professional, he's still recording and gigging where he can. 

He's also involved in Cherry Burton Arts and hopes to get this back up and running fully again very soon.

We're asking the important questions - what's Martin's favourite pub, and who are the people he's drank with round his kitchen table? 

We also get one of the songs from his new EP - The Larun Beat

You can learn more about Martin and his work at: 

If you want to be a guest on the Beverley Podcast, get in touch at 

#23 Sam Hollis, Web Designer

#23 Sam Hollis, Web Designer

December 3, 2020

Sam Hollis is well-known in the Beverley business community as a web designer specialising in small businesses. He has, until recently, been web designing from his base in Leconfield alongside running his family's smallholding. 

But right now, he's in sunnier climes. As we enter winter here in East Yorkshire, Sam and his family are on the East African coast gearing up for summer, where Sam's wife Zoe is on a secondment. 

We catch up with Sam, find out about life in Mozambique, and hear about his challenges in moving hemispheres during a global pandemic. 

We will no doubt see the Hollis family back in Beverley once their African adventure is over. 

This is a must-listen on a wet and cold day like today! 

You can learn more about Sam and his web design business at: 

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