The Beverley Podcast

#19 Simon Delaney of Delaney Marling Partnership

August 30, 2020

Simon Delaney is a partner at Delaney Marling Partnerships Ltd, the firm in charge of the current and ongoing maintenance and renovation work up at Beverley Minster.

Simon came here in the 90s to work at the council and has been here raising his family ever since. What has Beverley got to offer that West Yorkshire and (that place over there) Lancashire has not? 

And just what's going on up at the Minster right now? Simon talks to us about the challenges involved in renovating a hundreds-years old building during a global pandemic, and uncovers the past secrets that the Minster is hiding. Are there really tunnels over to The Sun Inn, and what's the deal with the sanctuary chair and stones? 

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